Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team (SMT) at Kundan Vidya Mandir plays a crucial role in nurturing students into well-rounded individuals. Comprised of seasoned educators, the team diligently plans and executes a balanced mix of academic and co-curricular activities aimed at fostering holistic development. Responsible for curriculum design and student welfare, the SMT consists of the Principal, Vice-Principal, Administrative Officer, HR Manager, and Heads of various departments including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Punjabi, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Food Production, and Hindi, along with Coordinators for seamless coordination.

The present members of SMT at Kundan Vidya Mandir are:



   Principal & Director Academics

   Mr. A P Sharma

   Vice Principal

   Mr. S B Choudhary

   Headmistress City Campus

   Ms. Ruchika Bhakoo    

   Administrative Officer

   Mr. Rahul E. Nathaniel

   HR Manager

   Ms. Harjeet Kaur Grewal

   Head - Middle Section

     Ms. Komal Arora

   Head - Prepatory Section

   Ms. Nafees Bhambi  

  Head - Foundational Section    

  Ms. Ranjana Dhanda

   Heads of Departments


   Ms. Kirat Grewal


   Ms. Chander Sharma


   Ms. Banita Garg

   Social Science

   Ms. Komal Arora

   General Science

   Ms. Uppal

   Computer Science 

  Ms. Sonia Victor


   Mrs. Ranbir Kaur

   Visual Arts

   Ms. Monika

   Performing Arts

   Ms. Seema Sood

   Physical Education

   Dr. Tejeswar Dayal

   Examination Coordinator

   Ms. Aradhana Kaura

   Cultual Coordinator

   Ms. Sonia Victor