Our Vision and Mission


"To Transform every student intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually to become a self-confident learner with the motivation to excel. To be a model global citizen, possesses the humility and the wisdom to do good; be a bulwark against wrong and an untiring protector of the weak"


At Kundan Vidya Mandir, we undertake to create a safe and nurturing environment which is full of fun and opportunity for each child to learn, play and explore so that teachers can inspire and draw out every hidden talent. We strive to provide opportunities that enhance "out of the box" thinking; impart essentials lifeskills; develop mind-set of growth; forge life long friendships and become a better version of themselves every day. A temple of learning where the principles of truth,love and efficiency guide every moment of the journey of the innocent and curious child to become an unshakeable pillar of goodness in the community and in the world