Our Vision and Mission


"Kundan Vidya Mandir envisions nurturing future leaders with academic excellence, who embody compassion, integrity and work towards building a scientifically, economically and culturally sound society. We cultivate clarity of thought and speech, receptivity to new ideas, discipline, cooperation and perseverance, empowering students to thrive in a constantly evolving world while upholding the values of truth, love, and efficiency."


At Kundan Vidya Mandir, we undertake to create a safe and nurturing environment which is full of fun and opportunity for each child to learn, play and explore so that teachers can inspire and draw out every hidden talent. We strive to provide opportunities that enhance “out of the box" thinking; impart essential life skills; develop a mind-set of growth; forge lifelong friendship and become a better version of themselves every day. KVM is a temple of learning where we wish to see our students to be resilient, self-learners, aiming to go an extra mile and be able to resolve conflicts amicably.