Unique Initiative



To make students understand and get real-life experience of the abstract concepts of Commerce and Management, SPARKZ, a private limited company was established by the school. The company has a complete Board of Directors and runs a stationary and confectionary shop in the school. From procurement to sales, inventory management, and accounting, all functions of the company are performed by students.


2.Indo Taiwan School Collaboration

KVM signed an MOU with Taipei Bailing High School, Taipei in April 2022. The students of both schools interact through online meetings and teach each other about culture, education system, history, languages of their countries.



3.Design Incubation Centre

The Design Incubation Centre combines the working of a Robotics Lab and Tinkering Lab to give our students the latest technology for exploring learning in the realms of coding and Artificial Intelligence. The infrastructure in the Centre includes latest sensors including colour, infra red, sound, temperature and humidity sensors. It has a 3-D printer capable of printing 3 D objects in upto 5 colours, advanced kits with capability to make remote controlled robots giving the students the opportunity to learn robotics, coding, construction, mechanical design, creativity & problem solving. It helps our students experience the joy of making and building their own smart gadgets and applications. Working in the lab would promote logical reasoning and creativity in the students which would further help them in their respective careers.


4.KVM Edge

In a unique initiative, KVM introduced its Edge programme where Experts from Delhi IIT, DU and other faculty give free coaching to students of XI and XII classes to prepare them for various competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, CUET etc. The KVM Edge library contains course material of all renowned coaching institutes and is available to the students even after school hours.




A School Innovation Centee was established by the Innovation Cell, Ministry of education, Govt of India at Kundan Vidya Mandir. The SIC has as its members 5 teachers who are certified  School Innovation Ambassadors after rigorous training in modules like Design Thinking, IPR etc



6.Money Smart School

At Kundan Vidya Mandir ,we believe in empowering our students with practical life skills, and we're thrilled to announce that we are now an officially recognized Money Smart School! 💰💡

The school integrated dedicated lessons on personal finance, budgeting, investing, and more in its curriculum for Grades VI to X as guided by The National Centre for Financial Education . All students participated in the test created by NCFE at the year end. The efforts of the school have been recognised by NCFE with a shield and a badge of being a Money Smart School and e certificates for participating students . The school intends to continue with the programme so that Kundanites feel confident about managing their money and making informed financial decisions.



7.Wisdom Labs and Common Sense Lab

In a unique innovative way to teach students how things work, 2 off the road buses were converted into Wisdom Lab and Common Sense Lab respectively. These Labs are exemplary showcases of experiential learning where commonly used household equipments are disassembled and kept to explain their working to studenInternship Programnets. The students not only learn the theory of how many Common things work but also experience it practically.




Kundanite students of classes XI and XII go through vigorous Internship programs in the fields of their choice. These internships are both at the local level and International level. Kundanites have been attending Internship programs at National University of Singapore, DMC  Fortis Hospital, Vardhman Spinning and General Mills, Ralson Tyres , Ashwani and Associates etc



9.Human Value Badges

The face of any institution doesn’t lie in the infrastructure but the values it imbibes into its students and turns them into mentally, physically, spiritually and holistically aware citizens. Under this initiative, students of KVM are awarded badges and appreciated for their exemplary values, honesty, and best turnout. These little acts of appreciation motivate others to perform better and rekindle the spirit to achieve greater heights.



10.Eureka Boxes

Each classroom has a Eureka Box in which each student puts in a question every day and the best questions are awarded. This helps in a better understanding of the concepts by the students as framing of questions requires in depth knowledge of the subject and students strive to achieve it.



11.My Punjab 2041

To instil the visionary spirit and pride for their State, My Punjab 2041 was started by Kundan Vidya mandir. This project helps students envision what areas they would like Punjab to progress and what are their dreams for their States Future. The Saada Punjab PYAARA PUNJAB rallies, tableau and other activities were part of instilling a sense of pride in the history and culture of Punjab and making them aware of its rich heritage. Along with Press Conferences and  Daadi – Naani ki Rasoi we raised awareness of the lost glory of Punjab and its forgotten cuisine



12.Compulsory Breakfast and Water Drinking Time

Student and staff are given a breakfast time of 20 minutes every morning so that they can stay healthy and be able to perform better.




KVM Natkhat and Nav Kishore Teams – To instill the spirit of Entrepreneurship among students, Diwali Mela, Teej Mela and other activities were organised where students made and sold craft items etc. They learnt not only how to be creative in making different products but marketing skills and how to attract buyers to increase sales.



14.Distinguished Lecture Series

Kundanites have been fortunate enough to interact with 3 Nobel Laureates, A Padam Shri, Deputy Director of ISRO and eminent scientists as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series. The students not only learn complex concepts from the pioneering experts in those fields but also learn to explore career options available in the various fields of their choice



15.Prarth Club

KVM has adopted a Slum area school Hindu Putri Pathshala, Haibowal. Not only does the school help in providing infrastructure and other resources to HPP but our students visit the school regularly and teach their students basics of hygiene , etiquette etc. 2 student toppers of class IV are given admission in class V and their complete expenses including fees, uniform, books etc till they pass out in class 12 are borne by the school



16.Graduation Ceremony

A unique Graduation ceremony has been started in KVM. Students who pass the Kindergarten stage in UKG are felicitated and a complete graduation ceremony is held where they recieve certificates and experience a sense of accomplishment.



17.Weather Station

Weather Stations installed in both campuses which tell us the weather conditions like direction of wind etc



18.YLPL Programme

A two day overnight camp is held to select young leaders for the Prefectorial Board while Head Boy/ Head Girl of the Middle Section are selected through voting. A mock parliament is also conducted where the Prefectorial Board debates on various student issues and passes resolutions after intense debate and discussion



19.Nritya Tarang and Sur Sangam

Every student of the school is haven a chance to participate in the dance and musical extravaganzas. Extensive auditions are held for each class and after 2 to 3 rounds of auditions finalists are selected for the grand Finale