We introduced the N.C.C. Army Wing in 1995 under the Ludhiana Group Headquarters. We have N.C.C. for all four wings: Junior Wing Girls (JW), Senior Wing Girls (SW), Junior Division Boys (JD), and Senior Division Boys (SD). The school has enrolled 153 girls and 100 boys. T/O Chander Sharma was the first ANO appointed as N.C.C. Incharge in 2000. Along with institutional training and special camp training, we prepare cadets to participate in national camps and certificate exams.

To train the cadets, we have Associate N.C.C. Officers appointed: T/O Pallavi Khanna for the Junior Wing, Lt. Neety Sharma for the Senior Wing, C/T Kapil Kakkar for the Junior Division, and C/T Santosh Mahapatra for the Senior Division. Under the guidelines of the N.C.C. Group/Unit, ANOs conduct timely training and testing of cadets to shape them for achievements and to bring glory to KVM Crown. Under the supervision of the school head and ANOs, cadets enthusiastically participate in multiple social activities and drives for the betterment of society. Cadets are always on the front foot, performing duties and maintaining discipline on the school campus and during special school celebrations. The school organizes special training sessions for Republic Day preparations. The school is associated with two N.C.C. units: 3 Punjab Girls Battalion N.C.C., Ludhiana, and 3 Punjab Battalion N.C.C., Ludhiana. The school always takes initiative to implement the latest updates and changes in training as required. It leaves no stone unturned in nurturing the latent talents and skills of the students.