The well being of our students is of utmost importance to us. We provide first aid and nursing services to students and staff members to maximize their general health and wellness. KVM has well equipped air conditioned 8 beded infirmary with oxygen facility, sugar checkups, and other necessary equipments to serve immediate care to students and staff. 

A qualified and experienced doctor and nurse are available during school hours to assess any health issue which arises during school hours.

The school has tied up with DMC Hospital for any referral and emergency cases. In the event of any emergency which requires immediate and advanced medical attention, the student or staff will be shifted to DMC Hospital and family members will be informed immediately. Every visit of students to infirmary is informed to parents through message, so parents can be aware of child's illness in school. The campus provides first aid kits to students for school sports activity and school trips. First aid kits are also available in infirmary, school vans and different places in school.

Various awareness programmes like personal hygiene, dental hygiene, prevention and precautions for seasonal changes to enhance the knowledge of our students and to teach them do's and don'ts in emergency situations are conducted in school.