Kundan Vidya Mandir, Ludhiana, operates a Grievance Redressal System overseen directly by the Principal.

Individuals with genuine grievances are encouraged to first approach the Class Teacher of the student. If the grievance remains unresolved, the Co-ordinator of the relevant class can be contacted for further assistance. Additional levels of recourse include escalating the matter to the respective Heads of the Foundational, Preparatory, and Middle Sections of the School, and ultimately to the Vice Principal and the Principal.

For those unable to address their concerns in person, grievances can be submitted in writing during Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs) using the grievance/suggestion register available at the entrance of the Academic Blocks in both the Primary and Senior Schools.

Students may also submit grievances or suggestions in writing via the Suggestion Boxes located in the Academic Blocks of both the Primary and Senior Schools.