House System - Overview

The school operates on a house system, where each student and teacher belongs to one of six houses. This system promotes teamwork and social skills through various inter-house competitions. Points earned from these competitions contribute to annual trophies recognizing excellence in academics, sports, and co-curricular activities at both individual and team levels.

Each house is overseen by a House In-charge, responsible for fostering a sense of healthy competition among students. A capable and creative House In-charge plays a crucial role in developing team spirit, building confidence, and guiding the house towards success in competitions.

The responsibilities of a House In-charge include:

Ensuring smooth management and discipline within the house under the guidance of the Principal.
Encouraging all students to participate in inter-house activities and events.
Assigning tasks to House tutors for training and managing various teams.
Collaborating with House tutors to nurture students' potential.
Appointing House Captains and Vice Captains (male and female).
Providing activity guidelines and updated student lists to activity captains.
Recommending candidates for Prefect positions.
Fulfilling any other duties assigned by the Principal.


Academic Year 2023-24

Gandhi House
Vice Captain (Boy) - Moulik Jain 11-C
Vice Captain (Girl) - Vanika Jain 11-I

Nehru House
Vice -Captain (Boy) - Krish Vasal
Vice -Captain (Girl) - Arshiya Soin 11-A

Patel House
Vice- Captain (Boy) - Sameer Soi 11-D
Vice-Captain (Girl) - Krisha Gambhir 11-C

Raman House
Vice-Captain (Boy) - Angad Basandrai 11-B
Vice- Captain (Girl) - Riva Jhanji 11-H

Subhash House
Vice-Captain (Boy) - Divyam Kochar 11-H
Vice- Captain (Girl) - Nitika 11-A

Tagore House
Vice- Captain (Boy) - Dhiarya Jain 11-E
Vice-Captain (Girl) - Bhumika Gambhir 11-I