Senior Curiculum

In the senior years, our students are guided by our dedicated teachers to acquire essential life skills. These years serve as a pathway to achieving long-term aspirations and experiencing a sense of pride in their accomplishments. To fulfill this purpose, the school upholds rigorous academic standards. The aim is to empower every student to excel and to broaden their horizons to the possibilities awaiting them in the wider world.

The consistent success of our students, evident in outstanding board results each year, is attributed to their self-motivation fueled by regular assessments and the exceptional quality of teaching they receive. Students are equipped with effective strategies and insights to excel in board examinations, enabling them to study smarter rather than just harder. Additionally, a robust remedial teaching program is in place to support weaker students, ensuring they gain confidence in their knowledge.

Our curriculum design aligns closely with the guidelines issued by CBSE, emphasizing both scholastic and co-scholastic domains. The secondary curriculum emphasizes skill development, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of key subjects and fostering critical thinking and communication abilities.

These fundamental skills cultivate students' analytical thinking and effective communication, enabling them to articulate ideas proficiently. By honing these essential skills, students can excel across various subjects and are better equipped to tackle challenges in higher education at the university level.

The school works to prepare confident young adults by providing our senior students a wide variety of opportunities beyond music, dance, debating and sports. These include Career Fairs, guidance on Study Abroad, meaningful character education, guest lecture series by eminent experts on topics of science and current relevance, and unparalleled global exposure through our international events, to prepare mindsets to face the challenges of the modern world.

Dedicated Career Guidance