The Clubs

As a part of the holistic development, the school has in its curriculum time allocated for the pursuit of an activity which child enjoys and learns. Each section has a period allotted for club. Students of classes I-VIII opt for a club of their choice from a variety of about 10 clubs. The teachers are deputed to guide the children. In classes VI-VIII besides the club period a hobby period is also given to children to hone a skill of their choice.

Some of the hobbies are:

⇒ Music Vocal
⇒ Music Instrumental
⇒ Art & Drawing
⇒ Band
⇒ Craft 

Some of the clubs are:

⇒ Robotics
⇒ Embroidery & Knitting
⇒ Nurturing Creativity 
⇒ Matheletes
⇒ Quiz
⇒ Dramatics
⇒ Dance
⇒ Taste the Nutritious
⇒ Love Mother Nature
⇒ French Club

Reader's Club & Peddler's club are allotted separate schedules during the week.

Clubs Offered for Class IX & X

The following Clubs & Forum are being offered to the students of class IX & X. The clubs will be held weekly in the SUPW periods. The material for these classes will have to be brought by the students. The teacher in charge of the particular club will inform the students about the requirement of the material. The purpose of these clubs is to provide the students a platform for expression and creativity beyond academics. The skills are honed as per ability tapped. The students are evaluated twice for the skills developed. A student has to opt for 1 club each from both groups of skills.

Group I

Club Name (Literary & Creative Skill)

⇒ Kalakriti
⇒ Theatre
⇒ Music Vocal/ Instrumental (Keyboard/Guitar to be brought by students)
⇒ Vibrant hues of Art
⇒ Speaker's Forum
⇒ Personality Development
⇒ Best out of waste
⇒ Dance
⇒ Home Management
⇒ Tickling your taste buds
⇒ Gardening
⇒ Reading

Group II

Club Name (Organizational & Scientific Skill)

⇒ Yoga & First Aid
⇒ Prarth
⇒ Heritage
⇒ Bits 'N' Bytes
⇒ Quiz
⇒ Environment Club
⇒ Disaster Management
⇒ Joy of Giving
⇒ Ignited Minds
⇒ Robotics
⇒ Iron Eagle (for XI & XII also)
⇒ Mathemagic
⇒ Financial Management

A. A common community service club for the entire school ( both campuses ) by the name ' Kundanites Ki Narmada' is run for  service to thr underprivileged in the society.

B. The students of senior classes have joined a Legal Literacy Club wherein, they go during summer break time to teach students in slum in Ludhiana.

C. NCC Club separate for boys and girls is run for junior and senior wings.