Mr A P Sharma has more than 35 years of expertise as an administrator and academician. He holds an MPhil in Economics and a degree in Science. Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and certificate course on leadership from Harvard University USA. He began his work as an Assistant Professor before spending 9 years as the Housemaster and HOD at the renowned Mayo College in Ajmer. He is the founder Principal of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School in Jammu and the Principal of the Maheshwari Public School in Jaipur, the Aditya Birla Public School in Hindalco, and The Apeejay School in New Delhi.

He started several creative programmes at Apeejay School and initiated collaboration with the William de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands and the MIT United States on design thinking. The Science & Technology Ministry recognised the institution as the most creative in the nation. In Birla Public School,Qatar , he founded the first invention and tinkering hub of the Middle East.

He was nominated as Founder member of the Education Council by the Royal family.

His repertoire comprises various recognitions like CBSE Award in 2010, the National Award from the Hon'ble President of India -, in 2014, the Global teacher's award in 2015, the Award for Women Empowerment from UNESCO & Delhi Commission for Women, in 2016, the Changemaker Award for exemplary work in Pandemic from Chairperson Aditya Birla Education Academy, Academician of the decade Award from WEF 2016 and Exemplary leadership award from Mr Pranab Mukherjee 2018.

He has been appointed as a member of the Punjab academic council by the Hon'ble Governor of Punjab and authored many articles on education and parenting. His innovative workshops leave people mesmerized as He has successfully conducted more than 400 workshops for parents, principals and teachers. He has been a member of Niti Ayog’s committee for selecting activities for Innovation labs under Atal Tinkering lab and member of the committee on "Entrepreneurial mindset and design thinking" of the Delhi government and a member of various committees of the CBSE Delhi like exam reforms, curriculum making, inclusive education etc.

He is considered an expert in Design thinking in education. His initiative of "Wisdom lab" on developing commonsense is very popular in the country and abroad.


“We are what our thoughts have made us; So take care about what you think Words are secondary. Thoughts live; They travel far“
-Swami Vivekananda

We are living in a world facing unprecedented challenges and aiming at a phenomenal growth in emerging technologies and innovations in education.At KVM, we prepare future ready students who have self directioning skills with thinking brains to become a skillful global citizen. Every child is unique with infinite possibilities. We need to create a suitable environment for their discovery of themselves through self-learning process while thinking out of the box. We develop their observation skills to infer differently without any prejudices and dare to express the same fearlessly.

They must look at every problem and hurdle as an opportunity to prove and discover their own hidden dimensions of capabilities and competencies. As envisaged by our founder, Late Shri Kundan Lal ji, the school boasts of its learner centric holistic curriculum which allows a child to learn from collaboration and risk taking.“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”We try to hone our students’ skills to maintain patience and to bounce back during testing times as we experience our greatest growth and build resilience during these tough times. This develops them as a person with growth mind set who always show gratitude and remains humble in all situations.When we take the time to strategically plan, forge positive relationship, celebrate our achievement and continue to build on our successful foundation, we can foster a learning environment wherein our entire KVM community thrives.We ensure their intellectual literacy and hone conflict resolution skills to grow in a social environment with responsibility and human values. We provide wings of values to our children to soar high in the direction of their dreams.Education must prepare learners beyond academics to nurture the values and mould them as good human beings by acquiring empathy, compassion and care.We believe in a happy student, happy teacher and happy parent to make the school A HAPPY SCHOOL.I believe “Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; It is generally the by-product of other activities one gets involved.”