The KVM House

House System (Humanities Forum)
To motivate children to participate in activities and develop true sportsman spirit, the school has devised a House System. Each child is assigned a House and gets an opportunity to participate in various competitions of his/her choice. These six houses are:

* Gandhi House
* Nehru House
* Patel House
* Subhash House
* Raman House
* Tagore House

Each House has Captain, a Vice-Captain and House Prefects who assist the House Master/Mistress in maintaining discipline in the House and organising various activities and functions. Inter-House competitions are held to infuse the spirit of healthy competition and confidence among students. Various competitions such as Story writing, Talent hunt, Debate, Declamations, and Poetical recitation are organised. On the basis of Inter-House competition teams are chosen to represent the school in inter-school competitions where our children perform well and bring laurels to the school. Besides this, there are various clubs where children polish their skills in the hobby of their choice.